We think and work big by drawing on the skills of exceptionally good partners.

At Desire Path we offer full-service marketing without the full-on agency price tag. After laying down the right strategy for your project, we will bring together an expert team to execute the plan. This approach gives us the chance to draw on some of the best marketing thinkers in the business while keeping things affordable for you. 

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  • Web design and development
  • Branding and graphic design
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • E-mail marketing and news
  • Advanced social media strategy
  • Printing and production
  • Media relations

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We care deeply about style, efficiency and creativity, but we believe respect is the value that drives all great marketing.

To us, respect means never wasting customers’ time or underestimating their intelligence.

It means choosing marketing channels with care so the right followers will find you naturally.

It means sharing your story without bragging or shouting, knowing that a warm invitation is always more effective.

When you embrace respect, people notice. They find your website easy to navigate, fun to read and packed with great insights and offers. They smile when they see your blog and social media posts -- because what you’ve shared truly resonates with them.

Respect is the best way we know to turn prospects into customers and customers into loyal friends.


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More about us

Portraits by Marc Hauser


Patrick O'Brien

My path in work and life looks a lot like my favorite bike route. I’ve owned a restaurant. Produced training videos and educational seminars. Translated complex business procedures into step-by-step guides for bankers, sales reps and insurance underwriters. Written on subjects as diverse as the chemistry of concrete and the intricacies of CDOs.

At every turn I looked for the excitement and value inside what we were doing and sought to share it with the people who would benefit most. You could say that’s a natural route to a career in marketing. 

I love helping clients improve their marketing thinking and tools. Most often, this starts with their websites but it can begin anywhere. We’ve been hired to work on videos or printed pieces, only to find the most pressing need was actually a new strategy or core messaging. In our view, the point of entry doesn’t matter. It’s where we go together that makes a measurable difference.



Betsey O'Brien

My career began in journalism school but quickly carried me into the world of business. At the time, nearly everyone saw these fields as separate or even antagonistic to one another. But the digital revolution changed all that. Now businesses and non-profit organizations are publishers, using storytelling to illuminate not only what they do but why they do it and why it matters. I couldn’t be more gratified, because that’s been my strategy from the very start.

At the end of the day, good marketing means being warm, clear and direct with people. It’s about respecting their time and fulfilling their needs with efficiency and style. Techniques, channels and production values matter, but not nearly as much as making sure your story has heart.


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Some of our best clients are construction companies. Following them, we’ve learned a lot about architecture and landscape design. The term “desire path” comes from this world. Designers of outdoor environments use it to describe the rough trails that lead away from established routes, showing where people prefer to walk or ride.

That sounded like marketing intelligence to us. If you want to know where a group of people are headed, just watch their footsteps.

We also believe that true leaders are willing to follow. Our clients are open to insights that, like the “goat paths” in a landscape, show where customers, partners and employees want to go. Knowing this can help any organization align its strengths with the needs of its key constituents – a powerful first step toward marketing success.

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